How much worst the black magic can be?

Usually the people ask the question that how much the black magic can be worst? So, the answer is it depends upon the type of black magic and its age. Usually people use the black magic to destroy their enemies permanently and one after another black magic attempts, they perform by the help of a magician.

Usually when the people are suffering from stomach pain stress depression sadness and low feeling for a long time and after getting the treatment, they are not finding any medical reason of their problems. So, it indicates that you are suffering from some kind of black magic.

Another important factor I want to raise here that why you are suffering from any kind of black magic and you are feeling pain in your any body part and you get a medical examination to find out the reason of pain in your body, so in a result your medical examination reports you will not find any indication that there is a medical disease in your body that causing painful feeling in you. So, in a result the medical examination reports shows that you are healthy and fit.

The worst thing is that you are suffering from hard pain and you are not finding any reason of it. Sometime in case of voodoo dolls magic the victim feel very hard pain in different body parts and the only way of relief is to break the magic.

Instead in some cases of spirit possession they also hurt the victim so badly and, in that case, the only way of relief is to remove these evil spirits from the victim. Sometime these evil entities take over to your house and can be worst by influencing you and your daily routine matters. They also hurts you by entering to your body parts like exorcism and spirit possession.

As soon as you feel that you are suffering from any kind of magic get into with a proper spiritual healer to break this black magic and make a permanent protection around your body.