Symptoms of Voodoo Dolls Curses and Voodoo Dolls Magic

A  Voodoo doll is basically a simulacrum. Simulacrum is an item which is the identicalness of something. Thus, voodoo doll is the identicalness of an individual and is used for the representation of that individual. Voodoo doll works when a psychic connection is established between the doll and that individual, whatever is done to that doll affects the individual. It could be very dangerous and can destroy the well being and health of an individual. In extreme cases, this dark magic could also kill the individual or force him to commit suicide.

Voodoo doll spells and voodoo black magic can work even when the targeted individual is at a very distant place. Though voodoo dolls are used in bringing negative effects, it can also be utilized for good in one’s own life or the life of others for healing, love, success, protection and many other reasons. There are three ways a voodoo doll can be used:

  1. Voodoo doll to represent a person
  2. Using the doll for evil
  3. Using the doll for good


Now, have a look at the symptoms of Voodoo dolls curses and voodoo dolls magic:

Symptoms of a voodoo magic or spell may vary in frequency and intensity depending upon the skill of the spell caster and the person who has been bewitched. While many people are not certain about the existence of black magic, there are some who suddenly realize that they may be the victim of a voodoo spell.

Spiritual and Mental Signs of Voodoo

Voodoo spell symptoms can impact different spheres of life. The foremost aspects affected by this black magic are the spiritual and mental parts. Various deterioration levels are expected in the area of voodoo curses and spells depending on the span of time in which the spell has been on a person. Most of the primary symptoms of this kind of magic are related to stress which are mostly misdiagnosed and overlooked. Primary symptoms are sleeplessness, depression, irritability and fatigue. After time, the victim lack complete interest in life, disregard the spiritual obligations, has difficulty meditating or praying, have a shaken faith and encounters unholy attractions to impurities like drugs and sex.

Physical Signs of Voodoo

After affecting the spiritual and mental health, a voodoo spell starts affecting the person’s body. A darkening skin tone which continues to get darker is a certain giveaway. Extreme hunger, obesity and pressing weight on the chest, shoulders and back area are intense physical symptoms of a spell casted. If the victim is a woman, she may suffer from some specific symptoms like real orgasms, rape dreams, painful and irregular menstrual cycles and the incapability to conceive or carry a fetus till the full term.

Friends and Finances Sings of Voodoo

After the voodoo magic causes damage to the physical and mental well being of a person, it starts to affect the external circumstances of the victim. Finances begin to be affected by the absence of funds, unexpected unemployment and sometimes physical harm which may interfere with the victim’s employment abilities. Coworkers and friends of the voodoo victim start treating him with hostility which ultimately leaves the victim alone to manage the continuing symptoms of this dark magic.

Symptoms of Voodoo Black Magic:

Unexpected violence is ordinary in those who are undergoing the voodoo spell symptoms. Voodoo sufferers can sometimes also commit suicide, murders or other acts that are linked with inhuman cruelty.

In a voodoo magic, there are no gradual effects. They start instantly and the level of these attacks increases day by day as per the weakness of the targeted individual.

  • Waking up in fear and starts falling into sleep within moments
  • Turning of darker complexion
  • Intense pain in various body parts
  • Grey or dark smoke is noticed in front of the eyes when the person wakes up
  • Shooting pain in the tongue and when one wakes up there is a blister and extreme pain in the tongue
  • Burning palms
  • Constant low energy or fatigue
  • Negative thinking and mood swings
  • Swollen lips and other parts of the body without any medical reason
  • Twitching or jerking of muscles or other parts of the body
  • Tightness/ heaviness in some body parts or the entire body
  • Feeling like ants are crawling on the body or the body is vibrating
  • In extreme cases, the spirit takes control of the house where the individual resides. The individual feels dripping plasma among the walls, insects are performing an abnormal activity and other weird incidents that are not realistic or explainable.

An accurate log of date is quite helpful in situations of a voodoo spell as the symptoms start worsening on the full moon cycles. A person must carefully document his habits and dreams. If a person feels the presence of a voodoo spell on him, he must immediately find a respected magic user or a witch doctor to reverse the affects of the spell.