Spiritual Healing Services

The root cause of 80% of our problems is in the spiritual dimension, hence they need a spiritual solution to get a grip on them. Spiritual healing is what we call the spiritual solutions to such kind of problems. It can help many people to live more meaningful and happier lives.

Spiritual healing is a work of God of offering individuals harmony, balance and completeness of mind, spirit, body and relationships by forgiveness, reconciliation and confession.

An efficient technique of spiritual healing will raise the spiritually pure component (Sattva) within us and decrease the spiritually impure components (Raja-Tama). For instance, a person is attacked by some negative energy. The attack will raise the Raja-Tama components throughout the person and may cause numerous problems in his life. By performing accurate techniques of spiritual healing, the negative components reduce, which ultimately reduces problems of that person and makes him feel better.

The effectiveness of the remedies for spiritual healing is dependent on several factors. For instance, performing appropriate and regular spiritual practice makes these remedies more and more effective.

Methods of spiritual healing

In general, there are two methods of such practice available. The person whose problems are rooted on the spiritual realm can choose any of these for solutions.

Spiritual remedies: In this method, some other individual or the affected person himself carries out a certain act which will alleviate his problems at spiritual level. The benefit attached to this method is that instant relief is observed by the affected person. This technique has a downside as well. It lasts temporarily until the effect of the remedy is lasting.

Some of the spiritual remedies are Pranic healing, Reiki, applying holy water, applying holy ash, visiting a good healer, healing with the help of mantras etc.

Spiritual Practice: When an individual performs a spiritual practice which is in regard to the six fundamental spiritual practice principles, he develops his own capability to safeguard himself from the harmful or negative elements in the spiritual dimensions.

Though spiritual practice is regared to be 100% effective in prevailing over the obstacles in life, spiritual remedies are believed to have 40% effectiveness. It has a reason behind this. The variables of whether an individual can be healed raises when both the healer as well as the person who is being healed is involved.

How do you know that you require spiritual healing?

Many of us are acquainted with looking after our psychological and physical well-being. Despite that, many of us are not familiar with the fact that spiritual dimensions largely affect us and looking for our spiritual welfare is a key to happiness. By performing correct spiritual healing and spiritual practice while taking into consideration the spiritual dimension, will help in effectively overcoming the inexplicable problems that are been faced regularly by most of us.

It is always advised that conventional medical treatment must be continued with the remedies for spiritual healing for treating psychiatric and physical illnesses.