how to get rid of a voodoo doll without hurting yourself?

If you are suffering from voodoo dolls black magic so it is not an easy thing that you can break with yourself. Because the voodoo dolls black magic and voodoo witch crafting is not an easy thing to perform and every magician is not capablel to perform the voodoo black magic. This is something technical which needs time and effort to perform the black magic.

The voodoo black magic can directly affect your mind body and senses so it is not an easy thing that can works with a short time spell work or any type of simple ritual it needs some proper process of black magic which the magician and spell doctors use to perform the magic and it works in different days minimum time to perform this type of black magic needs 7-17 days of time to be done on a person.

What should I do if it found voodoo dolls?

If you found some voodoo doll from your house or any other place like graveyard or any other dirty place so follow these steps which are given below.

  1. Don’t touch the doll with naked hands.
  2. Take some plastic gloves to touch the doll.
  3. Hold the doll in plastic bag.
  4. Bring the doll to a black magic healer.
  5. Don’t forget to grab the amulets if you found with doll.
  6. Don’t remove the pins from doll.
  7. If you feel pain in your body don’t be close to it.
  8. Be careful in case of fear and strange feeling.
  9. Bring the healer to the place where you found the doll.
  10. Don’t perform any type of removal by reading on internet it can be worst if you can’t handle the evil entities attached with the dolls for its black magic protection.

What should I do if it found voodoo dolls?

If you found or feel that you are suffering from any kind of voodoo dolls magic or having any type of symptoms of voodoo black magic so don’t read the online blogs to find a self solution, because the voodoo black magic is some kind of magic that works with the help of a doll and that’s the reason that a doll is used to be done it. So, the magician buried it in graveyard or another dirty place near to rivers and canals depending upon the condition of black magic they are using to hurt the victim.

So you need a proper healer to track the dolls out spiritually and after that the voodoo healer can break this magic from distance or if he feels that there is a need to track the doll so he will inform you after the reading also don’t treat it by your self by doing healing exercises because the spell and voodoo doctors keep their eyes on voodoo dolls and soon after makes protection by sending devils and dirty jinn’s, so if they found that you are trying to break the magic they can perform another dirty voodoo dolls work on you. So that’s why you have to contact a proper black magic healer to break this voodoo dolls black magic without hurting yourself.

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