Evil Eye and its Symptoms

Introduction of Evil Eye

Evil eye is the outcome of powerful negative energy which is transmitted on the victim by some other person who is trying to cause harm to them. This kind of energy is mostly because of the jealousy, hatred and envy which cause discomfort to the person on the other end. As per the Catholic and Jewish traditions, there is a custom of tying a red thread over the wrist of children in order to keep them protected from evil eye.

Evil eye is the name given to the situation when unexplained misfortune or sickness affects you due to negative energies from a person who is jealous or a man who may be jinn. It can affect anyone no matter what your age is, from adults, children, your livestock or any other materialistic thing. The most common targets are the wealthy, young, and the beautiful. In order to cast an evil eye, it is not necessary that the victim should be visible to the person. Evil eye can simply be casted by imagining the target or visualising the target with the help of the description of the target. A person may even cast an evil eye on himself simply by looking at himself in the mirror. Even a person who is blind can cast an evil eye by visualising someone. Sometimes the mothers themselves may unknowingly cast an evil eye on their child.

A closed observation of the world leads to the conclusion that with the evil and malevolent there exists good and benevolent too. The evil has varied nature depending on the cultures in the world and is supposed to have various impacts. One of the most common and powerful negative energies in all the cultures is evil eye. It is a negative energy with meticulous intentions that will lead to physical hazards or misfortunes. It is directed because of dislikes or envy. It refers to look with the wish to cause ill to the person to whom it is directed. There are various treatments and cures with which are different according to cultures.

There are different symptoms which are associated with evil eye and religions have remedies for all the symptoms.

There are different symptoms which are associated with evil eye and religions have remedies for all the symptoms.

Symptoms of Evil Eye

Here are symptoms of the evil eye:-

Some of the most common symptoms of evil eye are emotional or physical tiredness, continuous incomprehensible bad luck, illness or incidences. It is supposed to lead to drooping eyelids, drowsiness, fatigue, restlessness, weariness, absence of concentration, hiccoughs, cramps, discomfort, itching, vomiting, dry skin, clumsiness, convulsions, dry coughs, hair loss, diarrhea, stomachaces, absence of milk in nursing mothers or livestock, issues related to eyesight and blood, loss of sexual desires, sterility, impotence, menstruation disorder, mastitis, absence of sexual desires, issues in childbirth and pregnancy, etc. In case of small children and infants, it may cause unexplained and continuous fretting and crying, baby’s incessant refusal to drink milk or suckle. Some other symptoms affecting a whole town or village will be drying of the well, sudden business loss, withering of fruits, etc.

Apart from the symptoms mentioned above, here are few others:-

  • The list given below have few signs of the effects of evil eye.
  • The colour of the face It will turn dark, pale or yellowish pale.
  • You will find it hard to sleep and you will sleepy for the whole day.
  • While sleeping there will be sweating on your back, forehead, feet and hands.
  • You will feel hopeless and bored most of the time.
  • Your aim and aspirations feel inapproachable. You start feeling incapable of achieving your ambitions and you will continue to postpone trying.
  • There will be no zeal and aspiration in life.
  • You will feel no desire to do the things which you have enjoyed or were excellent at.
  • You will feel yourself unable to do those things in which you were very good before.
  • Headaches transferring from one part of head to other.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Hot or cold sensations in limb.
  • Palpitations of heart
  • Painful sensations in shoulders and lower back
  • Anxiety and sensations
  • Abnormal fears
  • Solitary attitude and withdrawal.

How to cure evil eye?

Evil eye can occur to anyone, bad or good and it may affect different aspects of the victim’s life, happiness and energy, home, livestock, business and other objects.

If you feel that you are also affected by evil eye and are suffering from these symptoms after reading the article then you should surely get it checked. Evil eye or similar curses, spells etc can lead to a drastic effect on the victim. You should protect yourself spiritually. And the most effective way to get rid of evil eye is by contacting us. We will surely help you get rid of the evil eye and provide you protection from future impacts too.