Curses and their symptoms

Has it happened to you that you have wanted something very badly but something was prevention you from getting it? Or you have really cared about someone but something very strong was keeping you two apart?

Or have you seen someone you love who is not able to change a particular negative pattern in their life even when it is destructive for them and their loved ones?

Do you feel at times that someone may have cursed you or any of your loved ones?

Well then, you may be right. There are curses. Curse is when someone achieves an invisible hold on another person. And unbelievably, these curses are even more common than anyone can imagine.

The curses are placed on the victim when he/she may be in contact, presence of or involved with a jealous or negative person.

Such people send negative energy to you or anybody else intentionally or unintentionally and the negative energy is programmed according to their desires, thoughts, intentions, wishes and their negative thoughts to result in a curse.

These curses can be done on you by your enemies, neighbours, family members and co workers, etc. It is often done by mean-spirited, jealous people.

Another category of people who does this are people who practice black arts. These people have complete intentions of what they are doing and these are the most dangerous type

The other types of people who put curses on people are the ones who regularly practice the Black Arts. These people have full intention and awareness of what they are doing, and they are the most dangerous types.

The issue is that people practising black magic don’t tell everybody that they practice it. They blend in with everybody as they know that their curses will be more powerful if the victim will be unaware. These types of people are uncommon to find but they exist and are very dangerous.

What is curse?

A curse is basically a strong wish or desire that some adversity or misfortune should fall on someone, object or place. A curse may also be referred as a jinx or hex. The removal of the curse is called breaking or removal and involves prayers or rituals.

Symptoms of curse

There are various signs of spiritual spell work, curse or jinx which people may be showing. Major changes and events in somebody’s behavior are one of the main symptoms that are clear signs that somebody is placed under a curse or spell. Although there are many changes which occur in anyone’s behavior the way and method with which they deal indicates whether they are under some curse or not.

Here are some clues to believe that you are jinxed, spiritually attacked or cursed:

1.) Exhaustion, dizziness, low energy, weakness, fainting- If any of these conditions are not due to any natural cause then the person might be under spiritual attack.

2.) Uncontrolled anger, extreme personality change, mood swings- If these occur several times a day without any specific cause then the person may be under some curse or spell. Even uncontrolled laughter or tears may be a sign of being under spiritual possession.

3.) Sudden loss of concentration or memory – If there is no specific reason for these then you may be under some spell.

4.) Hearing Voices – People under the effect of spiritual influence will hear voices talking to them or in the air. If you ask them they will be able to tell you more about the voices talking to them.

5.) Motor control or uncontrolled speech- If somebody is not able to communicate properly and unable to control their body movements then it may be a symptom of being under a spell.

6.) Domestic violence or abuse– If a loving relationship suddenly turns violent then it may be a case of spiritual attack. Once tender lovemaking has turned into brutal and violent then it can be a sign of being under spiritual impact.

7.) Changes in sexual desires, relationships or jealousy- If someone get over-possessive, jealous, get sudden sexual desires or breaks off without any specific reason or cause, there is a possibility that they are under a curse or spell.

8.) Talking or walking in sleep or having nightmares- Until or unless there are previous records of you sleepwalking or talking, but if this is not the case then you may consider these as a symptom that the person is possessed by a spirit.

9.) Sudden Asthmatic attack, nervousness, epileptic seizure can be considered as the symptoms of being under a spell or spiritual attack.

10.) Sudden reversal of alcohol usage or drug– If a person consuming alcohol or drugs regularly suddenly reacts by vomiting suddenly or stops after consuming alcohol then there may be chances that spirit controlling the person is opposing the competition with a substance that reduces the negative effects of spell.

11.) Aggressive Disease – If the medical treatments doesn’t produce any cure or relief, there are chances that the symptoms indicate that there is a spiritual cause.

12.) Aggressive Uncontrollable Urges or Impulses – If there is no particular medical reason then sudden act of violence or behaviour can be considered the person may be under a spell.

If you think that any of the above symptoms are true in your case or for anybody you know then you should seek professional help soon. We provide professional help and help people get rid of nasty spells.