Judai karwana ka Amal or Taweez

Agr ap do logon main kise najaiz taluk ko khtam karwana chahte han ya chahte han ka do log jo ka kise galt kam ko kar rha han or inhn door karwana chahte hon aksar log jismani tor par bhe kise ka sath bar bar galt kam karte han or Allah say nhn darte to ase logon ka darmyan judai karwana ka lie yeh amal likh rha. Yeh amal boht taqatwar hay ag rise pure tareka say kia jaye kun ka is amal say faida sirf use surat main ho skta hay ka jab ka kyeh amal pura kia jaye.

Judai karwana ka lie is taweez ko yeh jo dia gyaa hay ise kise kora andar par likh lay yanai phla anda khali kar lay uske bad dono logon ka nam likh day jin ka darmyan judai karwana chahta ho, uske bad is anda adhi rat ka waqt kabristan mian ja kar dafan kar day is taweez ka asar ki wajah say dono logon main judai ho jaye gi. Is amal main aik chez main posheda rakha hay who taweez likhna ki sat yani waqt to dosra din kun ka is amal main judai ka sitaron ka hisab rakhna zarori hota hay ka ise amal say foran faida ho.

Is lie agr ap yeh amal karna ya karwana chahte han to hamse contact portion mian puch lain ka yeh amal kistrhan ho ga uske bad phr yeh amal karain. Take ise foran judai ka amal ho, is amal ko kise bhe galt kammain istamal na karain jase mian biwia ka darmyan mohabat ko nfrat main badalna ka lie ya kise bhe ase kam ka lie jo galt hay. Kun ka kuch log mian biwi ka darmyan bhe judai dalna ka lie amal karta han to asa karna galt hay or kise bhe sahe rishta ka andar judai dalna yeh haram amal hay or ise bachna chahia.

Dushman ki Halakat ka Taweez or Amal

Kuch amal or taweez ase bh hote han jo dushman ko khtam karne ka lie kia jate han, is ke do wjah ho sakte ha aik yeh ka ap jispa bhe yeh amal kar rhe han waqai who is chez ka haqdar bhe hay ka uspa yeh amal kia jaye or iske dosre surat yeh ho skate hay ka agar who banda kise kala jadu wagera ka andar mubtala ho to us surat main who ise baz na ata ho or bar bar naye log dhond kar ap par jadu karwata hn to us par yeh amal kia jaye. Is amal ka jahan boht sare faida han ka ise dushaman apne kam say baz aa jta hay or na baz aye to bemar ho jata hay or agr dushman bemar hote hote mot tak chala jata hay.

Lakin yeh sab sirf use surat main mumkin hota hay ka jab waqi who shakahs is amal ka haqdar ho ya koi bhe asa khilaf shara kam karta ho jiske wjah sy us par shari tor par hatana apka farz ho or apko rozana taklef data ho to ase surat main apka amal karna jaiz ho warna na jaiz hay.

Ase surat main apko chahia ka yeh ama karain ka use jan choot jaye, is amal ka karna kabad apko dushman takelf dana chor day ga or agr baz na aye to iska bad dosra amal bhe likh data hn jo dushman ki halakat ka amal hay, lakin behtar treka yeh hay ka is amal ko kar lay jise dushman apko nuqsan pohnchana say baz aa jaye or agr baz na ata ho to phr halakat ka amal shuru kar day.

Dushman ki barbadi ka amal

Yeh sirf jaiz maqsad ka lie amal karain or kise bhe na jaiz kam main hargiz istamal na karain, sab say phle ap 21 putla tyar kar lain or us putla ka pait par  yeh taweez likh dain jasa ka dia gaya iska bad 2no ka nam likha jian jasa ka taweez ka andar dia gaya hay or uska bad is putla ko chambali ka tail main dal day jo ka lal chambali ka khalish tail ho usmain dal kar jala day is ise dushman mukhtalif kisam ki bemarion or pareshanion main mubtala ho jaye ga or agr who apko nuqsan pohnchana say baz nhn aye ga to jo bhe amal who kare ga who waps us par palat ka jaye ga.

Kala Jadu ka Tor ka Asan Amal

Agr ap par kise nay kala jadu kar di hay ya apko lagta hya kise nay ap par koshsh ki hay ka jadu kare ya ap nay kuch ase symptoms dkha han ka jiske wajah sy apko laga ka ap par kala jadu hay iska asan hal yeh hay, ka ap pabandi say namaz parhna shuru kar dain or koshsh karian ka zyada say zyada ba wazuf halat main rahain. Or jo wazif main yahan par bata rha hn unko pabandi say karian iska karna say apko boht sare faida hasil hon ga na sirf apka jadu k ikat ho gi balke iska sath sath apke rast bhe Allah khol day ga necha di gaye ayat ko 41 dafa roza subha or sham parh kar pani dar ka pian ise apka kala jadu kat jaye ga yeh asana mal hay agr apko ise faida hasil na ho to dia gaya number par rabta kar istkahara karwa lain ka apka sath asal masla kia hay kun ka aksar jinat ka jadu ka andar jab ap wazif karte han to yeh chezain bhag jate han or jase he wazif chorte han to yeh chezain waps aa jate han. Phr us hisab say apka kal jadu ki noiat dkhte hua mian wazif bata do ga jise apke rohani ilaj jaldi he ho jaye ga or Allah apko is chez say nijat day ga.

Dua Breaks black magic

How to Break Black Magic in Pregnancy?

Some time your enemies will try to  hurt you and to stop the pregnancy or there can be miscarriage possible in a result of worst black magic so in this case if you found any kind of black magic symptoms during your pregnancy so you have to contact  any of our black magic healers asap for the solution. Because some time the black magicians directly perform this magic to drop the pregnancy and make a blockage for future.

How to Break Black Magic in Pregnancy?

Here you can see some most important points with which you can handle the situation till you get some proper treatment and get the black magic removal.

  • Cleaning is most important factor and try to offer you prayers accordingly to your religion.
  • Sit at a peaceful point close your eyes and feel that your God is showering the blessings on you.
  • If you found anything related to black magic throw it away or batter to throw in flowing water.
  • Try to change your mind and don’t think about black magic and these types of dirty things because the more you think they move these dirty things will take over your mind and body and thoughts.
  • Think positively because the black magic and the evil entities will try to make you depress, restless, fearful and increase the sadness and anxiety.

What Dua/Prayer I Read to Break the Black Magic in Pregnancy?

  • Ayat al Kursi Recite 41 times daily.
  • bi-smi llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm 1250 times daily.
  • Darood Ibrahemi 41 times daily.

After reciting these dua do dam on water and drink it daily till you feel peaceful and comfortable and if you found your self that you are still under black magic on any other spiritual entity is trying to enter in your body so you have to contact our black magic healer for your proper treatment before its too late and any miscarriage happens.

Prayer/Dua to Break Black Magic Fast

If you feel that you are suffering from any kind of magic so here you can find a complete solution, and by following this solution you can get rid of any type of magic. You have to follow the steps which are given below to break the magic.

Prayers to Break Black Magic:

  • Recite bi-smi llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ (786 Times Daily).
  • Recite (ayat al kursi Dua) 11 times daily
  • Recite (darood ibrahimi) 11 time before and after the wazif.

After doing this you have to do dam on water and drink it daily, also give this water to your family members to drink and increase the water in the water bottle. Also for babies you have to recite and do dam on babies too.

How much worst the black magic can be?

Usually the people ask the question that how much the black magic can be worst? So, the answer is it depends upon the type of black magic and its age. Usually people use the black magic to destroy their enemies permanently and one after another black magic attempts, they perform by the help of a magician.

Usually when the people are suffering from stomach pain stress depression sadness and low feeling for a long time and after getting the treatment, they are not finding any medical reason of their problems. So, it indicates that you are suffering from some kind of black magic.

Another important factor I want to raise here that why you are suffering from any kind of black magic and you are feeling pain in your any body part and you get a medical examination to find out the reason of pain in your body, so in a result your medical examination reports you will not find any indication that there is a medical disease in your body that causing painful feeling in you. So, in a result the medical examination reports shows that you are healthy and fit.

The worst thing is that you are suffering from hard pain and you are not finding any reason of it. Sometime in case of voodoo dolls magic the victim feel very hard pain in different body parts and the only way of relief is to break the magic.

Instead in some cases of spirit possession they also hurt the victim so badly and, in that case, the only way of relief is to remove these evil spirits from the victim. Sometime these evil entities take over to your house and can be worst by influencing you and your daily routine matters. They also hurts you by entering to your body parts like exorcism and spirit possession.

As soon as you feel that you are suffering from any kind of magic get into with a proper spiritual healer to break this black magic and make a permanent protection around your body.

What is black magic and how it works?

The black magic is an evil power works by the help of satanic peoples who perform some satanic practices by the help of devils, these peoples use some special words to call the evil entities and usually these methods are called alters.

These peoples learn these things from magicians and devils, and satanic entities they directly teach the magician how to perform the magic, after that the magician perform the black magic on others by the help of these alters, rituals or dirty spells.

There are different kinds of magic works under different circumstances, and same as the magician are categories by their expertise the worst magician is called the kabbalah magicians and their magic is very old after that some are experts in voodoo black magic which is based on dirty spells and dirty rituals. Most of them uses the simple black magic tricks which works by the help of satanic words and cloths of the victim or any other belongings of the victim.

Usually the magician decides how much and hard he want to make suffer the victim and accordingly he selects the type of magic and perform accordingly. The duration of magic and intensity depends upon it is type and category the worst forms are voodoo dolls and dirty amulets dirty spells magic which hurts the human body and brain badly.

To perform these type of dirty thing the magicians usually use the no go areas and desolate places where no one want to go and there they place the magic and calls the devils and appoint them on the victim if you are suffering from any of the magic effects are if you think that you are suffering from black magic you can get in touch with us to find out if exactly you are suffering from black magic and its solution.

Taweez for separation graveyard between two persons

This taweez is for separation between two persons, you have to spare time in night and sit in graveyard after that put this taweez in front of you and after that recite this dua which is written above the taweez. For more details you can get in touch with use for the complete guidelines of amal.

Lot of peoples uses these type of things to hurt others and they even break the relations of husband and wife, thats why I have not shared each and everything in detail so the peoples only uses this taweez for right purpose and thats the reason if you are using it for valid cause or reason you have to ask me for the complete method of separation by this amal.

Rishta ka Taweez for Marriage Proposal, Rishta ki Bandish Ka Tor

Aksar log swal karte han ka Rishta ka lie koi khas amal ya taweez bana dain, to yahan par 2 suratian han kuch log jalaln or hasad main aa kar dosre ka ghr barbad karna ka lie uske bachon par taweez ya bandish kar date han jise rishta mian rukwat aa jate hay or jab bhe koi rishta dhonda jat hay to us main na kami ho jate hay.

Iske sab say asan wazhat yeh hay ka apko ase pta chal skta hay ka jab bhe koi rishta aye ga to khud he uska inkar ho jaye ga bager kise wajah ka to ise saf pata chalta hay ka ap par bandish hay or iske wajah say rishta nhn ho rha hy or jo ho rhe han owh bhe chala jate han.

Iske lie main 2 hal bata data hn jismain na sirf rishta ki bandish ki katt ho gi blaka acha rishta bhe boht jald mail jaye ga, Dua Manzil jismain 33 ayat hay ise net sy download kar lay or ise roz 3 daf parh lia karian is niat say ka rishta ki jo bhe bandish  ho who kat jaye.

Dusra is taweez ko comb yani kanghi par likhkar roz subha sham larke balo main kare is taweez ka khyal kare ka iske ba adbi na ho or ise pak jagah par rakh day or jab rishta ho jye to ise sambhal lay kun ka yeh dobara bhe istamal  ho sakte hay. Iska ilawa agr koi apka swal ho to hamse contact portion main puch satke hay.

How to make taweez for protection?

If you think that you are suffering from some kind of black magic or evil eye and you don’t want to make a protection against it. Also, if you don’t want that anyone influence you in the future with any type of black magic so here from an authentic black magic healer you can find a protection taweez below. This taweez is best for the protection against the evils of black magic.

Get the print of this taweez on white paper and after covering it plastic cover coating you can wear it as a locket or can wear it on your right shoulder.

This taweez is best for the protection of your kids which cant read the Qur’anic ayats and also good for toddlers and infants, there are many other ways you can use this taweez for protection against black magic and evil eyes.