Black Magic It’s diagnoses and treatment

Black Magic, also known as Dark Magic has been traditionally referred to the use of magic or supernatural powers for selfish and evil purposes. People who draw on black magic or take assistance from trained black magicians are highly dedicated people who have a sole goal in mind i.e. to harm others or deprive them from leading a peaceful life, make them bed ridden, sick and ultimately kill them.

With the increase in frustration, greed, jealousy, negativity, selfishness and inability to accept the growth and happiness of others, the practice of Black Magic has become very common. The problem has been intensified to a great extent in the past few years and many people are suffering worldwide, completely unaware of the black magic attacks by none other than their siblings, relatives, closest friends and acquaintances.

Black Magic can destroy anybody’s life in aspects like career, wealth, creating unnecessary tensions or family problems, adversely affecting family and children, destroying mental peace, happiness and intelligence, creating abnormal behavior, unrest, chronic health problems and in extreme cases- suicide and unnatural death.

How to diagnose Black Magic?

A person can do a self analysis to check for the symptoms of black magic. All activities of black magic increase before and after the period of every new moon. The symptoms for self evaluation of black magic differ in distinct levels of activity. They include:

Low/Medium Black Magic Activity

  • Blocked income
  • Migraines or constant headache
  • Insomnia
  • Anger, anxiety or worrying without any reason
  • Lack of interest in life
  • Blocked dreams
  • Mild depression
  • Lack of self love
  • Fatigue

Medium/High Black Magic Activity

  • Absence of self control
  • Dreaming about dead people, insects, dogs, falling from heights or someone trying to kill you
  • Extreme anger
  • Foggy thinking
  • Clinical depression
  • Suicidal
  • Dead and dull face
  • Eyes surrounded by dark circles
  • Complete disinterest in life
  • Excess sleep or very less sleep
  • Mysterious sickness where doctors cannot find the cause of sickness
  • Body parts jerk or muscle twitching

Highly serious symptoms

  • Hearing of voices
  • Paranormal activity
  • Hearing of cracking sounds from the doors, mirrors, windows or walls
  • Seeing ghostly figures or shadows
  • Sexual attacks in sleep
  • Feeling like someone is watching or following you
  • Constant change in skin color to a darker tone
  • Stinging pains in parts of the body
  • Avoidance by family and friends
  • If you offer feed to cows, they would resist eating from your hands
  • Red or blue body marks.

There are a number of symptoms that are based on the black magic techniques used and the areas of body parts and life which are being targeted.

Though, self-evaluation can give you an idea of black magic, seeking professional help may tell you exactly that the black magic is being practiced on you or not? For this, the black magic healers may require your photo, full name, mother’s name, nick name and other details necessary to carry out the process.

What is the treatment for Black Magic?

There are two ways for the treatment of black magic. These are:

  1. Treat yourself
  2. Find a healer to treat you

If someone has casted an evil eye on you, you can easily diffuse the black magic yourself by

  • Performing yagyas or religious rituals
  • Visiting sacred places
  • Going on a fast
  • Keeping your thoughts and environment clean
  • Performing meditation
  • Chanting holy verses

In case you are victimized by a black magician who has control over powerful evil spirits and is an expert in the black magic art, self help is not going to help for a long term. Most of the black magicians have spent many years of their life in perfecting the evil spells, techniques, science and rituals of black magic. Therefore, you being an ordinary human have no knowledge of the spells and concept of black magic. Thus, it is in your best interest to take help from a professional who has access to the spirit world. Professional healers good spirits on you to provide you with 24* 7 protection and they have the ability to safeguard your body from damages by psychic attacks.

There are different methods of the treatment of black magic and it depends on the:

  • Patient’s level of spirituality and character
  • Black magic that is eaten
  • Black magic that is put in a person’s body
  • Black magic being stepped on
  • Black magic which involves the use of symbols like your footsteps, clothes, hair, pubic hair, photo, blood etc.

Other methods of black magic treatment include:

  1. Using plants like black cumin, senna leaves, sidr leaves may help cure black magic as they have prophetical properties.
  2. Resort to cupping, but it may cause a little bleeding.